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Svaroopa Yoga Written by Lloyd Apirian, May 2007.

We tend to acquire more aches and pains and to get just a little tighter with each passing season. And our minds become just a little more closed and burdened with answers. Yoga can help us release some of this tension, eliminate those aches and pains, and be more open. The postures must be comfortable enough that we can soften and let some of the tension go. This release, and the access it gives to our inner selves, is the specialty of Svaroopa Yoga.

Svaroopa is based on ancient Yogic traditions. The poses in Svaroopa Yoga have been designed so they are accessible to people who may be quite tight and stiff; even those who may have tried Yoga before and found it too frustrating. We use blankets, chairs, and blocks for support so that we are properly aligned yet comfortable enough to hold the poses long enough to get the benefits. The result is a deep yet "doable" form of Yoga. You may walk away thinking that the class was good but did not seem hard enough. You may also notice that you feel more open, calm, and alive. This is true even after your first class. The results may stay with you for several days. There are also audio and video tapes and sequences of poses that you can do at home to help you hold the openings.

This style of yoga begins with the principle of sequencing the release of the spinal muscles starting from the tailbone using the angles of the thigh to reach in and release those tight muscles along the lower spine. This relieves the core tension in your body. I will align or adjust you occasionally to allow you to soften more fully into the posture so you get more out of it. The key is how much you can relax and how much you can be present in your body not how far you can go.

I have also trained and am certified to perform Embodyment Therapy, a unique form of Yoga therapy based on the principles of Svaroopa Yoga. This is another tool to increase the openings and release.