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Energy Medicine: “Healing the Light Body”

My personal story
In response to losses and hurts in my childhood and in my adult life, I have invested in counseling and a variety of other healing practices over the years. These healing practices made such an impact on me that, in the early 1990’s, I returned to school and changed my vocation from software engineer to clinical social work, to work in hospice as a counselor. Soon after that, I sought training in yoga (and subsequently in Pilates) because of the power of these practices for healing, not only on the physical level but also on the mental, heart, and spiritual levels. And my life has been truly enriched by this work, the teaching, and the on-going growth and training, related to each.

On March 30 of this year, I traveled to the Kripalu Center, in western Massachusetts, for “R&R.” I had enrolled in “an energy course” for enrichment, but found myself in the foundational training course for the Healing the Light Body (HLB) School, facilitated by Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., and three of his master teachers! I was absolutely “blown away” by the power of the foundational HLB therapy, called the Illumination, so much so that I completed the foundational training and have committed to training over the next two years to include additional techniques.

When I arrived at Kripalu, I was aware that I had finally reached a place of peace regarding the death of my daughter; I was feeling strong and blessed in my life. Then I experienced three Illuminations (three energy healings), facilitated by other students! These healings focused on three old wounds from my past, for which I had already done a lot of positive work. I was completely unprepared for the impact of these healings, some of which I felt immediately and some of which has revealed itself over the ensuing weeks and months. Immediately, I felt a deep, unshakable sense of peace, which has never left. Returning home, I have observed that situations and people that used to get “my goat” seem not to be happening. My “old buttons” seem to be gone. As a result of this work, I can see that I am making better decisions, am more forgiving and patient, and am experiencing an increased sense of well being and moment-to-moment awareness.

An invitation
Because I appreciate the benefits that this healing modality has brought to me, I would like to share it with those who sense that this energy medicine may be of value to them. A session takes about an hour. There is no fee at this time. If you find that it is beneficial, you may want to consider several sessions, as that is the most life changing. You will help me to build my own skill level and confidence and for that I am very grateful! Several of you have expressed being ill at ease with no payment; for those folks, an unscented candle, a note, fresh flowers, chocolate, some token that you intuit to honor the energetic exchange, may be offered. Your willingness to trust me to work with you to facilitate your energetic healing is what I most desire.

A brief description of this energy healing process What the HLB therapy offers is an energetic healing of old, core wounds that pop up every now and then to poison our hearts and lives. The heavy energy tied up in these old hurts is released; one may immediately sense changes emotionally and spiritually and, in time, become aware of changes physically and mentally and in one’s relationships.

The client first recalls the emotional intensity of a wounding (stored in the energy field as an “imprint”) that she wants to heal. (For example, if working with a client who felt neglected as a child, the client would recall feelings of abandonment or neglect experienced during an early experience.) The practitioner then locates the affected energy center in the body (chakra), through which the traumatic imprint continues to impact the body-mind and leads the client, who is lying on a mat on the floor, in a breathing technique that awakens an inner fire and combusts the trapped energies. In the same way that we would clean out a cut, this process to cleans out the energetic residue left by the wounding. When the cleansing is complete, the practitioner showers the client’s now open and clear energy center (chakra) with a stream of golden light, called The Illumination, the name given to this entire healing process. The healing is now complete at the energetic level.

This healing tradition holds that every emotional wound contains valuable lessons and that these lessons are first integrated at the energetic (spiritual) level, which is the level of knowing/experience outside of words. Consequently, at the conclusion of the session, the practitioner may suggest some activity, such as journaling or a ritual, to support the client’s identification of the lessons that may be revealed. Though the healing is now complete at the energetic level, it may be weeks later that the client understands intellectually the fullness of the healing. I continue to believe that yoga and Pilates are strong and important life-long practices for the release of fatigue and stress, for enhancing and maintaining strength, balance, and flexibility, and for living with vibrancy and a connection to Grace. What the HLB therapy offers is an energetic healing of deeper issues that are usually outside of our everyday awareness. As I continue my training, I wish to offer to all of my yoga and Pilates students one or more complimentary sessions of this energy healing therapy. These sessions will be held in my home in Arnold, MD. Normally, the process takes about an hour. You are invited to contact me by phone or e-mail to set an appointment.

History of this energy medicine
In the 1970s, Alberto Villoldo, a psychologist and medical anthropologist, began his search for knowledge regarding how the mind could influence the body for ill or for health. In laboratory research at San Franciso University, he spent hundreds of hours, studying the structure and tissues of the brain, until one day he realized that to understand the healing potential of the body he needed to take his investigation in a radically different direction. Villoldo had come upon anthropological studies, which reported that around the globe there were people alive, who claimed to know how to draw on the extraordinary capabilities of the human mind to heal the body. Consequently, as a scientist, he began his search for such people. In time, his search carried him to the Andes Mountains in Peru and eventually led to a 25-year apprenticeship in energy medicine with Don Antonio, an Inka shaman, and with other native healers in the Americas. Moved by the power of this energy medicine to bring healing, Villoldo founded the Healing the Light Body (HLB) School in Park City, UT, to teach the ancient art of energy medicine from this tradition, so that trained practitioners could then make available this therapy for the broader public.

Villoldo has published more than ten books, some of which chronicle his personal journey from scientist to energy healer; others are on shamanism and mind-body healing and contain the practices, cultural context, and therapies that he has distilled as relevant to those who would choose to become energy healers. His book, Shaman, Healer, Sage: How to Heal Yourself and Others with the Energy Medicine of the Americas, covers in much greater detail what I have summarized here. Information is also available at his website,

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