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Marilyn Apirian, LCSW-C, 500 hour Professional Level Certification in Kripalu Yoga,
Registered Yoga Teacher

Yoga teacher: Marilyn has been a student of yoga since 1990. She used yoga to promote her own body's healing from chronic illness and continues to use yoga to promote living with a feeling of vitality and strength and with a sense of peace and well-being. Marilyn has been sharing this transforming practice with others since 1999, when she completed her 200-hour Certification at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Lenox, Massachusetts. In 2003, she completed her 500-hour Professional Level Certification and continues to keep her teaching fresh through periodic training with master teachers.

Marilyn teaches in the Kripalu yoga tradition, which has a flowing quality with focus on the breath coordinated with movements and is based on a relationship of compassion to and respect for one’s body. Posture alignment, breathing practices, relaxation, and meditation are the core of the Kripalu practice with an emphasis on bringing awareness to breath and body, without competition or judgement. Marilyn also incorporates into her teaching therapeutic movements, from Somatic Training (Christa Ripins) and Viniyoga (Gary Kraftkow), as well as core strengthening from Pilates. Marilyn is a clinical social worker, recently retired from hospice service.

Pilates teacher: Marilyn is an enthusiatic teacher of the Pilates core strengthening system as she continues to witness powerful transformations in her students’ back issues and toning. As part of her 500-hour advanced certification, Marilyn received training in traditional Pilates matwork and continues to stay current with on-going training. Marilyn brings to her Pilates teaching her extensive training in bio-mechanics to ensure safety and maximum benefit of the Pilates system to differing students’ bodies and needs. She has been teaching three to four Pilates classes per week since 2003.