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Lloyd Apirian

My experience has been one of gradual opening through the practice of Svaroopa Yoga. One day, I noticed that my aches and pains, and the "crick" in my neck (from being rear-ended) were gone. I am much more aware of my body; my performance in volleyball and other sports is much better. I have more energy and am more present to my day. I am also more calm and less reactive. I know my wife, Marilyn, will attest to the improvement in our relationship and our mutual growth through Yoga.

I continue practicing yoga every day. My daily practice includes awareness, breathing, postures, and meditation. An important part of my practice is sharing yoga and its benefits through teaching.


Let your body be soft
Let your mind be calm
Release your grip
Hear the universe
Float free
Float free

Namaste (Yogic salutation honoring our unique gifts and the divine spark within).