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Yoga for continuing and new students in the Svaroopa® style


Kathy. (After heart surgery she suffered from back and neck pain for years). ...I've experienced very noticeable and progressive improvements in my flexibility, stamina, and ability to both focus and stay centered; I'm also finding it easier to identify and release cronic musle tension and in some cases prevent it.

Craig. After my first class, I told Lloyd that I liked the class, but it was not strenuous enough. I started coming back, week after week, because I don't have debilitating back pain anymore.

Gene. When I got married stood in (a Yoga pose called) Tadasana to help me stay comfortable, present, and centered during the ceremony.

Marlene. I’ve been doing my breathing exercises --- 20 to 25 minutes --- which seems to just fly by! Anyhow, listening to the CD is so helpful. Her quiet, soothing voice, just carries you off --- to nothing in particular, just the breathing. I lie down on the floor, with pillows under my knees. I have begun to have my back relax because I can feel it touching the floor. I’m also able to take in a longer breath, and as I do that, I can feel it going up and through my shoulders! I also noticed that when I use my throat for the breathing sounds, that I can take in a deeper breath. It is so relaxing that I just want to continue…..I look forward to this every night.